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Unitray Details

The UNITRAY concept was born out of the desire to improve the speed and ease of installation of safe trays for hot water units and to ensure that installations are compliant with the AS3500 plumbing first time, every time. The UNITRAY reduces time, costs and hassles when installing a hot water unit.

  • Easily & rapidly assembled – representing significant labour cost savings over current methods.
  • Design complies with and exceeds AS 3500 National Plumbing Code requirements.
  • No soldering, brazing or gluing involved in tray assembly – threaded, HDPE fusion welded and Fernco connection compatible.
  • Tray design engineered and certified to support and exceed maximum load requirements.
  • Manufactured from non-electrically conductive material for safe installation.
  • Manufactured from Ultra Violet (UV) light stabilized materials suitable for long term external use to a minimum of 20 years
  • Circular space saving design fits into smaller positions where square type trays may not.
  • Multiple size trays available to suit HWU’s from 25 litre to 315 litre capacities.

Download Unitray Installation Instructions HERE

Unitray Benefits


The Unitray is an all in one Hot Water Unit (HWU) installation solution. It includes the tray base, an integrated elevating pad (commonly referred to as the “Pizza base”), a 50mm drainage outlet integrated into the tray, a “tee” piece and a tundish. All the parts come ready to install clipped into the tray. No more wasted trips getting forgotten parts. Easier quoting with less variables to consider.

In comparison, the current method requires the use of a copper or metal type tray, the latter of which is not a long term water resistant alternative due to the effects of corrosion, further an drain outlet is required to be welded or sealed into the tray using time consuming and/or inferior methods, (i.e. – oxy acetylene or silicone) note plumbers using plug and waste outlets are in contravention of the AS 3500 due to their “pluggable” capability as well as maintaining water within the tray due to the elevated lip on the waste outlet.


The efficient use of time and materials is an ongoing challenge facing our competitive industry. The Unitray hot water installation system can be assembled and ready to support a HWU within two minutes or less. To get to a similar stage in a traditional HWU installation can take up to 45 minutes!


All that is required to assemble this product is a roll of Teflon tape, applied to three threads. No oxy-acetylene equipment required, no silicone to assemble the product representing further time saving.


UNITRAY offer an optional elevating support post kit. These engineer certified posts are compliant for use in food based tenancies and where an existing waste point is located directly below the hot water unit. They fit into multiple slots under the tray for ultimate flexibility when connecting waste pipes.

Current elevating options including stainless steel frames, concrete plinths or timber frames are costly and time consuming alternative. Timber is also unsanitary. Compare the ease of purchasing an over the counter UNITRAY elevating post kit from your supplier to the alternatives: sourcing a costly stainless steel custom frame, or sourcing timber, nails, hand saw etc for a timber elevating platform. The choice is simple, practical and cost effective.


The UNITRAY is made from top quality UV resistant polymer. When installed as intended it is built to outlast the average life time of the conventional steel, glass lined cylinder hot water unit it supports. The UNITRAY is built to last and has been engineer certified.


The UNITRAY conforms with and exceeds all current AS 3500 standards (National Plumbing Code) relating to hot water unit safe trays.